Eastern Larch (Tamarack)

Range of the Eastern Larch (Tamarack)
Eastern Larch (Tamarack)

Location: Mainly in swamps in northeastern Minnesota. (Also found in other U.S. Lake States.)

Fun Facts:deciduous conifer that loses its needles; course texture; strongest softwood in North America; intermediate in other mechanical propertiessheds its needles in the fall

Uses: Pulpwoodframing; tanks; palletscross ties; mine timbers; fuel; fence posts; poles

Full Size: 50-75 feet in height, 14-20 inches in diameter; small-to medium-size tree, maximum 100 feet in height and 4 feet in diameter

Age at Maturity: 60-90 years

  • Eastern Larch (Tamarack)
    Eastern Larch (Tamarack)
    Eastern Larch (Tamarack)

Did You Know?

Trees absorb carbon, and finished products store it! These products made from wood are 50% carbon by weight.

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