Paper (White) Birch

Range of the Paper (White) Birch
Paper (White) Birch

Location: Abundant throughout Minnesota except in the southwest. (Also found throughout northern North America.)

Fun Facts: Fine and uniform in
texture; lower strength and weight in comparison with other birches; thin, white papery bark

Uses: Pulpwoodveneer; craft products; furniture; cabinets

Full Size: 50-70 feet in height, 1-2 feet in diameter; maximum 120 feet in height and 6 feet in diameter

Age at Maturity: 40 years

  • Paper (White) Birch
    Paper (White) Birch
    Paper (White) Birch

Did You Know?

Trees absorb carbon, and finished products store it! These products made from wood are 50% carbon by weight.

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